Local Painting Services

Local Painting services

At Bitsy Jobs we offer a range of local painting and decorating services for interior rooms, external areas including fencing, gates, garage doors, garden sheds, and that all-important brick work. Our high quality service is available across the whole of Tyne and Wear and Durham.

Painting and decorating is one of the those household and Local painting services jobs that can take a lot more time and effort than we all think. Not only is there buying the equipment and paint but there’s the prepping and getting the work done as well. It can be difficult to achieve that great, professional finish when you don’t have the right know-how and skill, no matter how hard you try.

Local painting services
Painting and decorating in Newcastle

Choosing our Local painting services makes sense and will ensure that you get the long lasting finish you need for the job at hand. Here are just some of the areas where a painter can help out:

Interior Room Painting

It’s one of the main paint and decorating jobs in the home. Whether you’ve moved into a new property and want to spruce it up or you’d simply like a fresh new look for your kitchen, living room, hallway or bedroom, painting is the quickest way to change the décor.

Preparation is, of course, key as with any other decorating job. With our handyman service, you’ll be sure everything is done professionally and quickly and looks brilliant. We can handle walls, skirting and doors – in fact, anything indoors that needs a coat of paint.

Exterior Walls

Painting exterior walls not only makes them look great but also protects them from the weather. You need to be careful to prepare the surface and make sure that you pick the right, paint. You may have areas like the window sills may need sanding down and given a fresh coat of paint. These are all jobs are handyman service can easily help you with.

Gardens Fences and Gates

Wooden gates and fences or even chairs need regular maintenance to protect them from the vagaries of the weather. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, or just want it done a little more professionally, it’s certainly something that our handyman can help with.

Garage Doors

Garage doors often get neglected but a fresh coat of paint not only works in protecting this important area but also looks great. If you door has seen better days and all you want to do is tidy things up, then give us a call today.

Garden Sheds

Just like fences and gates, garden sheds need a little care and attention now and again. Maybe you want to paint it a different colour than the standard brown we see in gardens all over the UK. Our handyman service can make sure you choose the right paint for the job while adding a bit of colour to your garden.

Whether you are looking for a local painting services, our a handyman service for Durham, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and everywhere in between, is the perfect choice. We can also handle a few other little jobs such as putting up the odd shelf, fixing leaky taps and installing cupboards at the same time.

before a Cracked ceiling can be painted

cracked ceilings can look unappealing and embarrassing. This could have resulted from plumbing issues leading to a leak resulting in water damage. Other causes could be poorly plastered ceilings not using the correct materials for the job or just general wear and tear.

When looking for solutions to repair the cracked ceiling going the DIY route can be time consuming. After successfully repairing the plaster work you would need to paint it. This could be where you discover the colours don’t match. The whole ceiling would need repaint to match .

Give us a call to help you save time we can find and resource materials provided tools required for the job and do the job for your home requirements. Even if you would just like to talk over the problem that’s fine too. Free local quotations are available when booked in advance a painter can talk you over the job.