Flat Pack Assembly Gateshead

Need help putting up that flat pack furniture? From wardrobes to beds, desk to tables, allow me to help take the stress out of assembling flat pack furniture ..and anything else you can buy from retailers get in touch for flat pack assembly Gateshead .

Flat Pack Assembly

Stress pack more like

When buying a new item of furniture you may assume that it come built and ready to go, just to discover that its a flat pack. it can be very time consuming not to mention stressful with all the screws, bolts, miss-informative instructions. Then you deiced lets have a cuppa when you return either the kids or the dog has scattered them across the room. before you lose it don’t worry be happy ring a handyman for Flat pack assembly.

Ikea furniture comes with a high cost to be built up and ready for its new home I can help cut them costs and have it built in no time at all. I have built many IKEA flat pack items form pax units, kids beds, coffee tables, TV units, or even hanging a shelf. sometime it can be difficult to lift flat pack box items the upstairs. we will be happy to take the item up the stairs for you. in addition we can move the flat pack furniture to where you would like it. all rubbish can be removed and taking away for an extra cost if you wish.

you may have an idea that you would like a new wardrobe but don’t know where to start with our flat pack assembly service we can help you find that ready built set of furniture for you.

Lots of outdoor and indoor furniture comes as a flat pack these days garden sheds, tables and chairs, beds, wardrobes, book shelves and more. Then you need to think about materials, solid wood, recycled plastic, chipboard, metal etc.