Fitted cabinet

I was recently contacted by a customer wishing to solve a problem they had with an electric supply unit they had on display and required a joiner to help make a fitted cabinet . She give me a few images of a wooden wardrobe that she seen and liked. So I had a good look and sourced the materials to make it come to life. As you can see the room before was an eye sore and needed something to make it look more homely and appealing. I contacted my local timber yard to see what materials they had to offer. This was not an easy task in these time of covid 19. nether the less I found the timber needed to make the cabinet and supplied the ironware to go with the doors.

Me and my helper went to work collecting the wood needed and had it the customers house in no time at all, we decided to build it in wooden pine so it could be paint or varnished the way she liked, we built the frame, fitted the top,made the doors, and hung the shelves.

fitted handmade wardwrobe

The doors themselves took most of the time however after lots of patience and hard work they came together with glue and nails of course. I had the tools at hand and measurements to help create the cabinet in a swiftly timely manner. If you would like to talk about any ideas you have and how we can help please don’t hesitate to contact me. when looking for a handyman don’t forget to check out reviews.