Radiator Valve Swap

Today I was contracted to swap out all radiators for a radiator valve swap in a customers property in Newcastle a little further away from home but still not far from Gateshead. The flat contained 6 radiators pretty old brass valves still managed to get them of with some plumbing brute force, all but one of which required the swapping of old for new Thermostatic Radiator Valves.

The customer had done their homework and provided all ther hardware necessary for the work (this is uncommon by the way, often I bring or supply to hardware on your behalf) and so off to work I went.

First I needed to drain all of the existing radiators and bleed the central heating system dry, the valve swaps then took place. This was a little more problematic than anticipated because of a loose radiator bracket on part of a wall. The screws holding some of the radiator brackets were very small so had to replace with bigger plugs and screws. also some unanticipated bends in the piping not to mention lose fittings. However all in a days work for a plumber off I went lifting boards up fixing pipes. Just as well I love solving problems and fixing plumbing issues.

Not to worry! The wall bracket was taking off and rehung nice and level, solid. And the bendy pipe was replaced with heat resistant, plastic barrier hot and cold piping. the thermostatic valves for the radiator valve swap will save the customer an average of £35 a year in flue bills if used correctly.

Radiator valve swap

After completing the jobs everything was put back to normal tools put away, floor boards back down waste taking away. sometimes all it takes is a little bit extra work to get a job done. However work a lot faster with a Cuppa and a chocolate biscuit.